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Headshot of Warren Wilansky

Warren Wilansky

President & Founder

Warren co-founded Plank in 1998 with his personal savings and a dream to make the internet a beautiful place.

Warren Wilansky’s high standards and commitment to creating and maintaining strong client relationships are the foundation of the company’s success. Warren strives to bring interesting, meaningful work to his team, and to set a vision of producing quality work in a supportive, cooperative environment. Warren has written numerous articles, attended dozens of conferences each year and now aspires to communicate the lessons he’s learned to those interested in listening.

Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Facebook, Amazon, Google — for many, that is their internet experience. Sites that draw you in, hope you never leave and never look anywhere else. It makes for an unimaginative online world that discourages variety, curiosity, and thoughtful browsing. In this talk, Warren Wilansky will examine this disturbing trend and present arguments for how and why society should be fighting for, and investing in, a more diverse, independently owned internet.

No Money? No Problem

Thousands of organizations and companies depend on the government for funding.  And the money is there — the Canadian government offers billions in financial aid each year. So how do you get a piece of that money pie? Warren Wilansky offers strategic advice on how to work with a digital partner to increase your chances of acquiring funding for your digital project. And some of those strategies may surprise you!

The World Needs more Reluctant Leaders

Have you fallen into a leadership position, but are not quite sure how you got there? Do you suffer from occasional imposter syndrome? As president and founder of Plank, a successful Montreal digital design agency, Warren Wilansky shares his own story on how he figured it out, got over it and found a way to be the kind of leader he’s comfortable with. This talk will offer concrete advice and compassionate guidance to those looking to be leaders in a world that desperately needs them.

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Headshot of Tarah Schwartz

Tarah Schwartz

Director of Communications, Media & Marketing

Tarah has spent her life telling stories believing the power of words and pictures can inspire people in profound ways.

For 20 years Tarah Schwartz worked as a news broadcaster for CTV Television bringing her unique voice, credibility, and passion for great storytelling to some of the most important issues facing Quebecers. She is known for her warmth and authenticity. Tarah has hosted dozens of events and deeply enjoys speaking about issues close to her heart. As the new Director of Communications, Media & Marketing for Plank, Tarah can introduce Wilansky, host a talk, or moderate a panel.

Change is Good

After 20 years as a broadcast journalist for CTV, Tarah Schwartz walked away from a plum television job with no backup plan. Much to the surprise of many, Tarah left the anchor desk ready to embark on new and exciting challenges. She just wasn’t sure what those were! In this talk, Tarah will speak about the need for change many people are struggling with, how to find the courage to walk away without fear, and why it’s important to live a life of purpose. In her new role as Director of Communications, Media and Marketing for Plank, Tarah can speak about why digital is the new power platform for the inspirational stories she has spent her life telling.

Empowering the Young

As a news anchor for CTV television for almost 2 decades Tarah Schwartz has worked with myriad young people breaking into a difficult business. As women, no matter the industry, there is often either an atmosphere of competition or compassion, rivalry or reward and choosing one over the other can impact young people and the choices they make moving forward. In this talk, Tarah will expand on her own journey through the broadcast news industry, the challenges specific to women and why it remains a personal mission to empower as many young women as possible. In her new role at Plank, Tarah will also speak to challenges faced by women in the technological and digital fields and why companies, in all industries, should strive to make the workforce more diverse.

Faith and Fertility, Flying around the World for Motherhood

More and more women are choosing to become mothers later in life, but with age can come certain challenges. Tarah Schwartz lost her first pregnancy at 39 years old. She went on to explore difficult fertility treatments before choosing the path of International Adoption. Her little boy Sam was born in South Korea in 2012 and is the light of her life. In this talk, Tarah will explore the myriad emotions faced by couples facing infertility, what she learned through her own experiences, why she thinks loss and heartbreak have made her a more compassionate person, and how to deal with grief when you work in front of a camera. In Tarah’s new role at Plank, Tarah will also touch on the need for companies to embrace parents as part of the team, how simple gestures can create grateful and more productive employees.

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