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Joining the B Corp Movement

We are incredibly proud that we are officially a Certified B Corporation™ and joining the global B Corp™ movement.

Plank’s way of doing things has always been people-oriented. Our values are driven by people, for people. We always wanted to “do good” but now we want to strive to continually push ourselves to be better and put a little more action behind that. B Corp provides us with the framework to keep learning, growing, and improving, ensuring our values stay embedded in the company long-term.

What is B Corp?

B Corp is a global movement of certified for-profit businesses that meet the highest social and environmental business standards and are dedicated to using business as a force for good.

B Corporations are certified by B Lab for meeting rigorous standards across five impact areas: Governance, Workers, Community, Environment, and Customers.

Our Overall B Impact Score: 93.6

Based on our B Impact Assessment, we earned an overall score of 93.6.

LINK: Plank’s B Corp Public Profile


This section evaluates Plank’s relationship with its employees and its contributions to the tech workforce. One of the biggest ways we support the career growth of our team is through our Plank+ program where they can receive continuous training, attend international conferences, or achieve certification in their areas of interest.


This section evaluates our supplier relations, diversity, and involvement in the local community. Community involvement is incredibly important to us, and our pro-bono initiative, Plank Gives Back, is one way we give back to the communities closest to our hearts.


This section focuses on the company’s overall mission, ethics, accountability and transparency. One of the ways we keep ourselves accountable is through The Ethical Web Design Framework which outlines the five guiding principles of how we build websites.


This section measures our products/services’ direct impact on our customers, and whether they are designed to solve a social or environmental issue. At Plank, we are passionate about Arts & Culture and purpose-driven organizations. We work with our clients to craft a digital solution that acts as the #1 resource for their beneficiaries, and that contributes to their purpose each and every day.


This section covers Plank’s environmental performance through our facilities, materials, emissions, and resource and energy use. We attempt to purchase from and work with suppliers who demonstrate a commitment to sustainability, offer long-lasting quality goods, help reduce product waste and support positive social action — we recently put together a list of our favourite sustainable office suppliers.

Continuous Improvement

It feels like Plank has been heading towards B Corp for a long time now, but we didn’t have a label or a system to show us the way. I like the idea of having guiding north stars at Plank that we can all look to. The B Corp framework offers us a playbook for proven and transparent improvements. Our initial assessment was a great exercise, allowing us to celebrate our hard work, but it also showed us where we need to be more rigorous, accountable and direct in our goals.

Steve Bissonnette | Managing Partner, Plank

This is only the beginning!

Our B Corp certification offers us a framework for continuous learning, growth, improvement, and a way to demonstrate that commitment. It allows us to keep progressing towards better business practices, and to contribute to a global economy that uses business as a force for good. 

We are grateful for this certification to now be able to work with and learn from the diverse B Corp community and inspire others to join us in the movement toward collective action.

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