Plank Has a Passion For Arts and Culture

A big THANK YOU to everyone we met, engaged with, learned from, was inspired by at Capacity Interactive’s Digital Boot Camp in New York City. For a third year running, Plank was a proud sponsor. We build websites for Arts and Culture organizations because we love Arts and Culture. It’s that simple. We make websites that matter. 

Who we are

Plank is a digital design agency established in Montreal, Canada in 1998. Since then, we’ve worked with myriad clients in the arts and cultural sectors. We love using our skills and expertise to support creative excellence in all its forms.

What we do

And in less than a month, we are launching the website of a theatre based in Cincinnati, Ohio. A new cherished client. 

Connect with us

And there’s more! Plank Founder Warren Wilansky wrote a blog post for Capacity Interactive that is up on their site. A contribution to this year’s Boot Camp. Read about the Importance of Mobile First.

We’d love to connect while at Boot Camp.  Here’s who we are and how to reach us.