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About Us

Plank is a digital design studio based in Montreal. We’ve been working with arts and culture organizations for more than twenty years, from musicians to museums and festivals to filmmakers. We’re inspired by the stories they tell and are motivated to help them not only reach their audiences but to draw them in deeper with engaging experiences.

We want to help you develop and interpret your story in a digital form that is compelling, beautiful, and easy to use. We want to be more than a service provider, we want to build something together.

Many of our clients rely on numerous funding sources to make their projects a reality. If your project has a digital component, we want to help you create a strong proposal so you can secure the funding to get the job done well.

Approaching Deadlines

Two important funds for digital arts and culture projects are coming up:

The Virtual Museum Investment program awards up to $250,000 to help Canadian museums and heritage organizations develop online products that engage audiences of all ages, interests and abilities in Canada’s history, heritage and culture. The deadline to submit your proposal is October 28, 2020. The quick-pitch deadline is July 15th. 

The Canada Council for the Arts’ Digital Strategy Fund supports artists and organizations in the development of digital initiatives that will have a broad impact on the arts sector or at the community level. In response to COVID-19’s impact on the arts sector, the Canada Council is accepting applications until July 31, 2020 for short term activities up to $50,000.

How We Can Help

With our twenty-plus years of experience creating high-quality websites and mobile applications, we can strengthen your proposal in a few different ways. We can provide a technical plan explaining the features and functionalities of your proposed project, and give a reasonable estimate of the time and budget required to complete it.

We can also collaborate to clarify your project goals and come up with a solid digital strategy together. And it never hurts to have a second pair of eyes to help make sure your proposal is clearly responding to the program requirements. 

If you’re looking for a partner to make your digital projects a reality, get in touch to talk about your ideas.

Check Out Some of Our Successfully Funded Projects:

Heritage Toronto

We’re excited to be working on our second project funded by the Virtual Museum of Canada. Together, we’re building a virtual exhibit that showcases the rich musical history of Toronto — especially in the neighbourhoods of Yorkville and Yonge Street. It engages visitors with a narrative, interactive map, multimedia profiles of prominent performers, and 360 degree views of two major music venues.

From Vimy to Juno

We worked closely with the Juno Beach Centre Association to develop the concept and secure funding for a multi-phase project with both physical and digital components that brings to life the story of Canadians in the First and Second World Wars.

Phase One, funded by the Department of Canadian Heritage under the Commemorate Canada program, consisted of a travelling exhibit with a complementary website providing tour information and additional resources. Phase two,  is funded by the Virtual Museum of Canada and will deepen the educational tools on the site, with a variety of themes and modules designed to explore the connections between the World Wars. 

Celtic Soul

With assistance from the Bell Fund, we created a companion website for the documentary film Celtic Soul, a road-trip movie celebrating football and friendship. The online home of Celtic Soul is a multi-faceted complement to the film. Visitors can get to know Jay and Eoin as they begin their road trip and discuss the finer points of sport, community, and history.

Users can visually follow the map of their journey beginning at Jay’s home in Montreal’s Notre-Dame-de-Grâce neighbourhood. The destinations are accompanied by online-first video content that can be unlocked through social media engagement. A visual timeline details the history of the Celtic Football Club and its deep roots in charity and community. The community section offers another opportunity for users to read and submit personal stories as they are inspired by exploring the site and keep the conversation going.

One Sweet App

Sugar Coated is a ground-breaking investigative documentary that pulls back the curtain on the troubling tactics used by the sugar industry to dismiss health claims against their products. Plank collaborated with the filmmakers to create One Sweet App, the world’s first ‘free sugar’ tracker. We worked closely with nutritionists from the University of Toronto to create a complex algorithm that factors the nutritional values of food products and identifies both total and hidden ‘free sugars’ amounts—juices, concentrates, and syrups, for instance—in packaged foods.

With assistance from the Canada Media Fund, we worked closely with nutritionists from the University of Toronto to create a complex algorithm that factors the nutritional values of food products and identifies both total and hidden ‘free sugars’ amounts—juices, concentrates, and syrups, for instance—in packaged foods.

Go Fit Yourself

We partnered with Prospector Films to create a companion app for their documentary film Last Woman Standing.The film tells the tale of friendship turned rivalry when two world champion boxers vie for an Olympic dream that can only be obtained by one of them.

The app, built with assistance from the Bell Fund, challenges users to train like champions through a series of boxing exercises and routines. They can set personal goals, with helpful reminders and schedules, and visually track their progress and performance. To encourage them along the way, we also integrated social tools as well as helpful tips and advice from the film’s inspiring protagonists and boxing world champions, Ariane Fortin and Mary Spencer.

Take a Chance And Get In Touch

We understand that digital projects can be intimidating. We’re here to help, as collaborative, caring partners. Not sure an idea will work, need advice, counsel or someone to bounce an idea off of? We’re here for that. Plank is passionate about arts and culture and this is our way of merging arts and digital in a way that feels organic to us as an agency.