Securing Funding For Your Digital Project

Thursday, July 9th at 2PM   |  🕑 30 minutes

Arts, Culture & Heritage Institutions — Government funding deadlines are approaching. We understand that digital projects can be intimidating. And seeking government grants for those digital projects, even more challenging. Not sure an idea will work, need advice, counsel or someone to bounce an idea off of? Not sure where to start or how to write a solid grant proposal? We’re here for that.

We’ll be focusing on the Canada Council Digital Strategy Fund as well as the Virtual Museum of Canada Investment Program, but will also tackle broader funding tips. Plank is passionate about arts and culture and this is our way of merging arts and digital in a way that feels organic to us as an agency. We’ve helped others, and we can help you.

Topics being covered:

• What a strong grant proposal looks like? 
• How a digital partner can help with the grant process? 
• What a digital project in response to COVID-19 could look like? 
• How much money are we talking about? 
• Why Indigenous Peoples’ organizations should explore these avenues? 
• Dates, deadlines, do’s & don’ts

Please join us for this free 30-minute webinar and bring your questions.

About Plank

A creative agency for meaning digital projects making the web a better place since 1998. Read on for details about how Plank can help develop your digital story plus examples of how we’ve helped others.

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