With new people come new perspectives and personalities. A different way of doing or seeing something. At Plank, we are thrilled to be welcoming three wonderfully creative people to our team. Each brings something unique and special.

Annika Bell is a Plank project manager. She hails from the UK and has an accent that makes us all smile. She’s very clear about what her work means to her, and why this agency was the right fit.

“I just really like what Plank does. I like the clients,” she explains. “I really enjoy working with these big cultural clients, that’s really exciting for me. The team is a bit older and at the top of their game, and I really felt I was going to learn a lot coming here.”

Project managers are there from the start of a project right to the end. They listen and understand a client’s needs and wants, and make sure those involved in the designing and building of a website are well supported. Kayla Keizer, also a project manager, comes from large IT companies, and knew a smaller agency was where she wanted to be.

“When you’re in a bigger company you sometimes get lost in the vision” she explains. “I started looking at Plank’s website and I loved how they told a story, how they showcased their clients and the people that they work with. And when I met with them, the space was so nice and everyone was so friendly, and I was like, done deal, I need to be here.”

If you think of a website as a house in the sky, designers are what make it beautiful. But beauty with important functionality.

“It’s wonderful to see all the possibilities that exist,” says Kevin, Planks new web designer. “People think design is just about beauty, but the real purpose of design is to go beyond that and find purpose in the usefulness.”

Kevin says Plank offers him a platform to make the world a better place. And that’s what we all hope, in the end.

And we can’t forget about Bernard. A beautiful Boston terrier who comes to work with Kayla every day.

“That is the best thing in the whole entire world,” says Kayla laughing. “He’s my best friend, and I get to go to work with him.”

It’s great for us all.

Welcome. To a caring, collaborative team that embraces each one of you.

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