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Back in August, I had the pleasure of attending An Event Apart in Chicago. After attending DPM Summit for two years in a row, I was ready to take in a conference that was more focused on the design and development side of the industry. I was not disappointed. All of the talks were excellent, and it was a good mix of technical and non-technical information. I was able to take away ideas that I find immediately applicable to some of our client work, and to get exposed to the latest trends in digital design. I can’t complain about having the opportunity to visit Chicago, either.

Here are some of the thoughts that are sticking with me, even a few months later.

Jeffery Zeldman – From Research to Redesign

Research saves money by revealing problems and making sure we’re solving the right ones. Data doesn’t provide the answers, but it helps us ask better questions.

Sarah Parmenter – Practical Branding

We should stop letting big brands like Google and Apple dictate design trends. Good branding connects to a series of feelings, and stands out from a homogenized web.

Cameron Moll – Designing for Product Unity

“The best interface is the one within reach.” Product unity is about building UX that are functionally and visually cohesive across different platforms, and only dependent on device affordances with a defensible rationale.

The Event Apart Slack Channel was full of great links. Here are my top new bookmarks:

Check out the buzz on Twitter, and get the comprehensive list of resources from An Event Apart.

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