We’re constantly reminded (while reading online) that printed newspapers are a dying breed, and the sale last month of the Washington Post to Amazon founder Jeff Bezos only seems to highlight the digital future of daily information. Yet many people still have an enduring fondness for print, me included. To-do lists feel more important when held in the hand, crosswords more fun when you can cross out your answers and squeeze
the new letters in. If, like me, you’re not quite ready to make the break with paper, the Little Printer might be for you.

The cute little device, by Berg Cloud studios, is designed to print a daily mini newspaper customized your interests. You can pick and choose your content at will from the website, then start to receive outputted stories on thermal printed paper, similar to a till receipt. You can choose from “useful” picks such as headlines from the Guardian newspaper or your to-do list, or more whimsical ideas such as a daily would you rather?, or werewolf warnings.  

You can even use your smartphone to send a message home – want to remind your partner to set the PVR? Send someone a goodnight message? Little printer will take care of it.

The team launched with content partners including the Guardian, Foursquare and Google and more “publications” are being added day by day. Only time will tell if the Little Printer can go from geek gadget to household name, but there’s something so adorable about it that it might just have a chance. 


Update November 2, 2017. Doesn’t look like the little guy made it. 🙁

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