GW Brazier

We’ve always been proud of our designs at Plank. Combining great technology, superior design, and getting results is our goal for every site we build. And one of those elements has just taken a major leap forward with the hiring of GW Brazier as our new Creative Director.

GW’s design experience is frankly too extensive to fully list here. He came to us from Airborne Entertainment where he was Senior Designer and helped that company get propelled to new heights. Some highlights prior to that include a stint as Art Director of The Montreal Mirror and Ici Magazine, and Co-Founder and Creative Director of Blue Dot Communications, an award-winning web and print agency with clients as diverse as Air Canada, Intrawest, and the National Film Board of Canada.

When asked about his design philosophy, GW was quick to rattle off his three-step approach – capture their attention, make a connection, and motivate a reaction. Sounds simple enough in theory, but very difficult to put into practice. But from what we have seen of GW’s skills and creativity in the short time since he joined us, there is no doubt he is succeeding brilliantly.

We also asked GW about designing for the Web specifically and the challenges it entailed. He quoted Cary Grant – “it takes 500 small details to make one favourable impression.” First off we were blown away that he quoted Cary Grant. But then we realized how great it was that we hired someone who understands the importance of the little things.

Not only is GW a brilliant and effective designer, he just may be a Web visionary as well. Way back in 1999, he dreamt of a website where the users would be the ones creating content. It was Web 2.0 when there was barely a Web 1.0. The result was Not Proud, an online confessional for people to post their sins anonymously. The site was so successful it spawned a book of the same name.

Plank’s creative vision has been placed in GW’s immensely capable hands. He says he wants our sites to have an organic quality, to have them go deeper than just the face. Not overly slick, but laden with real craftsmanship. Sites that stand out and are unique – sites that have a voice. We can’t wait.

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