Launching long-awaited mobile upgrades

Fantasia is well-known as one of the world’s best genre film festivals and a crown jewel in the Montreal film scene. At Plank, we’re proud to have been taking care of their website since 2003.

Each year, we make some improvements to the site. This year, with funding from SODEC, Fantasia was able to invest in going fully mobile-responsive, dispensing with the need for a downloadable app.

Fantasia Festival Mobile Screenshots

Look ma, we’re mobile!

Work began on the revamp last fall. In addition to going responsive, we adapted the backend to accommodate Fantasia’s move to the Zone Festival platform. That meant the site had to be completely remapped to the Zone Festival database, and the template modified to match. To ensure the speed and stability of the site, we save a copy of the information synced from Zone Festival to our database, rather than pulling directly from their API.

The design of the new site is optimized for any screen size, with better tools to show video and interact with social media from a mobile device. We’ve also integrated a trailers gallery, so fans can get a preview of hundreds of films directly on the site.

This year’s festival

Fantasia’s continued success lies with bringing in programming from so many different niches, that there’s truly something for everyone. Those who love horror, gore, sci-fi, and fantasy can gorge themselves on a smorgasbord of offerings (and they do), but no one is going to go hungry.

If you think Fantasia is not for you, think again. There’s a short film series for families at the McCord Museum, a number of free outdoor screenings,
a VR space, and even a few documentaries. If you’re overwhelmed by the sheer number of titles, check out the Spotlights & Special Events section of the website to get you started. You can never go wrong with a program of short films, and Fantasia has several.

Plank’s Picks

As partners of the festival, we’re lucky enough to get a stack of passes (nyah! nyah!).

Sweet sweet festival passes

Sweet, Sweet Festival Passes

Here’s what the team at Plank is looking forward to seeing:

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: July 13th, 9:45pm

“I loved Takashi Miike’s “As the God’s Will” last year, so I’m looking forward to seeing Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. I’d love to see Valerian
so I can see some of the inspiration for the Star Wars series. It’s sold out, but I hope to find a way! I’ll also embrace the chaos and tag along to whatever my friends want to see. Fantasia is a great festival for surprises!”

— Debbie Rouleau

Dead Shack

Dead Shack: July 22nd, 2:30pm

“I worked at the old Chimera Cafe with one of the Dead Shack writers, so that one is a must-see. It looks like a pretty fun zombie movie.”

— Courtney Trudel

Geek Girls

Geek Girls: July 30th, 1:45pm

“I don’t like how geeks are perceived in society, although it has improved in recent years. To me, geeks are simply people who are enthusiastic about their passions. Why would anyone think that’s ridiculous? Geek Girls looks at the women who are a large part of the geek community. I’ll be seeing the documentary, even if I don’t think there’s such a thing as girl geeks – just geeks.”

— Chloé Freslon

Let There Be Light

Let There Be Light: July 27th, 9:00pm

“I’ll definitely avoid anything bloody. I’m curious to see Let There be Light. I guess you could call it a utopian science non-fiction. It’s about the people
working on the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor, a massive project to develop a perpetual source of clean energy.”

— Erin Whitney

The Fantasia Festival runs from July 13th – August 2nd. Get all the details on their new mobile-friendly website!