<Well it’s been a really exciting first day here at the “Flash in the Can” festival in Toronto. The day started with a really interesting panel about math and design, fractals & natural patterns being something I’d never really thought much about until now. Second panel covered the possibilities of interactive design in today’s marketing world, and the current trends and future possibilities. This panel was actually really intriguing, some of the examples and videos they showed were pretty thrilling.

My favourite panel of all was that of Josh Davis. It almost started off as a comedy routine, which got us in the mood for what was to come in the following hour. What an amazing talent this man has. Not only is he interested in creating his own original work, but it’s important to him that he create it using different formulas – a kaleidoscope formula, Bezier effects, as well as randomly generated patterns based using interesting, even architectural shapes. I can only imagine how his mind buzzes.

I was initially interested in checking out Josh’s work because Warren had mentioned meeting him at SXSW ’05. This encouraged me to go up and introduce me as a Plankster, and Josh was more than welcoming – a truly lovely fellow.

Two more days of panels to go, and I’m HYPED! So many more people to meet & tricks to learn.

À bientôt!

Nancy & Josh @ FITC picture by @Sarah0s

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