Day two at FITC Toronto has come to an end and I feel inspired after meeting some pretty well-known people in the industry.

Today was the first day there were some presentations given by women, so I didn’t miss out on this chance to see some rockin ladies talk about their expertise. The first presentation was given by Carole Guevin of Netdiver magazine. Her style is totally fresh, she talked to the large audience about how to identify and appreciate your own unique talent or skill. In my mind this is a topic rarely touched upon in these conferences, with the assumption being that we already know our own originality & greatness. To say the least, her presentation was original.

I also got the pleasure of meeting Torontonian-turned-New Yorker, Marcos Chin. You may know him from his work as the illustrator for the large-scale campaign by lavalife. He shared with us how he got started, his techniques with pen, paper, & vectors, and talked about the themes in more current work.

Ironically, both presenters prefaced their talks identifying themselves as near-luddites. This being a technology festival, I was pretty surprised to find neither presenter had their expertise in technology, but rather in other fields which led them to using computers & the internet as tools.

Another highlight of the day was the 2009 FITC Awards. There were hilarious video clips, a great MC, and some of the top developers & artists in the industry. I got the chance to meet the flash developer behind the GE Augmented Reality Smartgrid which, in case you’ve never explored, you really must. I told him about the afternoon all the Planksters crowded around Stevey’s desk to watch the cool Flash tricks on the site. I’ve also had the opportunity to befriend Joe Berkovitz, lead developer of Noteflight, a really cool app to share music writing on the web (please excuse my descriptives here, music language is pretty foreign to me!). Joe took home the award for Technical Excellence in Flash, and as the FITC site says of the prize, “..a can opener encased in Plexiglas along with a year of bragging rights”.

Last but not least, I got the chance to meet the man responsible for this festival, Mr. Shawn Pucknell. He’s kind, soft-spoken, and is obviously well organized to have put together this seamless conference so well. “I’ve got a great team” he understated, “I just ask that you spread the word about the FITC”.

So now, let me be the first to say not only has this conference brought out
talented and semi-famous people in droves, but has inspired & enthralled all attendees. This is my first time at FITC, and I certainly hope it’s not my last!

Stay on top of the last day at FITC right here!

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