As you may all know Montreal is undoubtedly THE hub of summer festivals, and here at Plank we are lucky enough to be a part of one of the most cutting-edge and popular events, the Fantasia Film Festival. We’re proud to work as digital partners with the Fantasia team, a role we’ve filled for the past 12 years. As one of the most influential international festivals of its kind, and noted by MAD MOVIES as “one of the coolest festivals in the world,” Fantasia’s needed a site to match its level of individuality and out-of-the-box cinematic experience.

In 2014 we have updated and improved the digital experience for festival-goers and film fanatics. Following a complete website redesign in 2012, our focus this year was to tweak and optimize site functionality and layout to ever improve the user experience and best present and preview film content, display screening times and promote ticket sales. Take a look here.

One of the coolest festivals in the world


This year’s festival is the biggest to date. This meant a lot of media content, including graphics and trailers, and a jam-packed film schedule to upload and manage in the CMS. With years of experience we were able to streamline the process and were happy to have everything live to support yet another blockbuster high traffic site launch to coincide with the press conference on July 10, 2014.

As well as refreshing the website we supported the publishing system that produced the largest print program ever – a whopping 450+ pages!! This meant we could help control the content across the two channels to ensure consistency.

Fantasia Film Festival runs this year from July 17th to August 6th, with over 160 features and 300 short films. From Felix Herngren’s The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared, Chang Hyung-yun’s robo-rom com, The Satellite Girl and Milk Cow to the sought after premiere of Richard Linklater’s Boyhood, there is guaranteed entertainment for everyone.

As the festival gets under way today, we’re pleased to say that we’re already noticing far more people coming back to the site after launch than in previous years, a key objective for us. Hopefully our latest website will help make this year’s Fantasia Film Festival the best yet. If you haven’t done so already be sure to check out the schedule online.

Here are some of the feature films on our Plank must-watch list!


The Reconstruction of William Zero

“I’m a huge fan of mind bending science fiction that flips memory vs. reality on its head. This movie looks like it’s going to fire on all cylinders.”


Life After Beth

“I’m a huge Aubrey Plaza fan and I think she (and her dark, sarcastic sense of humour) are perfect for a leading role in this Horror/Comedy.”


Angry Video Game Nerds

“An entire movie making fun of video game history and tropes. I’m in!”

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