Plank has been really busy this Fall. Really busy. As we look back on some of our recent site launches, it’s clear that clients are moving towards requesting mobile versions, in addition to the usual web presence to reach those who aren’t content to stay put in one place and take their reading on the go. It’s now a reflex for us to consider all projects will be moving towards the smaller screen and we certainly welcome this direction. As such, we now include mobile options in all of our project quotes.

When creating a mobile strategy for our clients, we evaluate the solution that best meets their needs.

When creating a mobile strategy for our clients, we evaluate the solution that best meets their needs and work to determine whether to go with developing a site that employs responsive design techniques, to create a custom mobile web design or to develop an application fresh from the ground up.

We’ve launched sites that illustrate each method over the past few months as with the Student’s Society of McGill University (SSMU)we got fluid and used responsive web design techniques to fit and scale within a browser window – regardless of its size.

In several instances, custom mobile web design made the most sense as we wanted to offer up specific sections of the pre-existing website or to customize a WordPress theme in order to obtain a version fit for mobile use.

The Powder Room’s Cross Canada Powder Room Map translated beautifully into a mobile site as the functionality fits the format of being used by those who are looking for clean restrooms  and having a mobile device on hand to help them to find such a space.

Another similar site which showcases relevant data is the work that we had completed for the Culture Days mobile site to allow for on the go browsing of activities by province or category or to search and find events by location for this very important Canadian event.

With the Yellow Pages Group’s ‘Life in Yellow’ blog, we customized an existing WordPress theme and ensured that it also worked in a mobile ecosystem. The benefit of allowing the site to work on a mobile device is to ensure that readers can interact with content immediately and get social either by commenting on posts or sharing them on social sites.

Plank is also working on several mobile apps so do check back to read more about our progress and to check them out once they’re launched.

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