Coffee. We drink an estimated 1.6 billion cups of it every day across the world. Good coffee can make everything go right, but bad coffee can totally ruin your day. Here at the Plank office there’s an ongoing quest to make the perfect cup of joe, so when we came into work this week to the following email from our developer Pat, we knew we had to share it with you.

Pat’s path to coffee perfection

  1. Empty and WASH the filter with soap and hot water. This helps eliminate any left over acidity from the last batch and only takes a couple seconds.
  2. Rinse the pot (I wash it every time, but I understand that might be excessive).
  3. Add 12 cups of cold water
  4. Add 1 cup total of coffee grinds, no more, no less. That’s 3x level scoops of the metallic 1/3 cup scooper.
  5. Start that sucker and do a little dance.

And if you’re only making a cup (how selfish!), try this.