Plank and The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati came together for the latest in Plank’s online webinar series called In Conversation. Warren Wilansky, Roderick Justice, Krista Katona Pille and Tarah Schwartz answered questions and addressed concerns about the impact of COVID-19 on Performing Arts. While the actual gathering was 60 minutes, this is a short highlight reel.

Krista Katona Pille: What we do in performing arts is provide hope so focusing on that and not getting too mired in negativity. And it’s hard, it really is, but I think we can do it. We can keep looking forward.    

Performing Arts has been severely impacted during this pandemic. Theatres are facing numerous challenges and what the future looks like remains uncertain. Engaging with patrons online has been difficult, but ulimately necessary.

Warren Wilansky: People keep talking about how your organization has to transform digitally, well the reality is that everybody just transformed digitally overnight. They key now, is now that’s we’re here, how do we do it well.     

The performing arts community has come together. There is an understanding that everyone is in this together, and that in the end, the world will heal and the theatre will open once again.

Roderick Justice: We are in an uncomfortable place. And innovation and artistic enlightenment and brilliance, doesn’t come from a place of comfort. There are so many wonderful things to look forward too, and it has to rain for flowers to grow. 

We hope you enjoy our highlight reel. Stay tuned for the next In Conversation.