A couple of weeks ago, Jordan Saniuk joined Plank and our guests for our last Breakfast Club of the year. With coffee and croissants in our hands, he got us thinking about how to produce content that appeals to today’s youth. Now this is a whole different challenge in itself. From someone who produces content regularly, trust me, this is a hard bunch to please! Jordan is a Happiness Engineer at Automattic, the makers of WordPress.

His journey of appealing to his own peers started at the age of 19 when he decided to drop out of University to pursue his own education startup – clssy. After two dedicated years of hard work, yet no real response – Jordan shared some of his hardest lessons to help us learn what not to do with our own digital content. Jordan’s talk left us all with one BIG – and when I say big I mean extremely BIG, takeaway. Producing content that appeals to today’s self(ie)-obsessed youth, where the biggest tags across the internet are #cute, #style #followme and many more self-assuring trigger words, is the furthest thing away from a walk in the park. And, getting these youth to care about something they innately don’t care about, may feel very close to impossible.

So then, how can we make them care?

How can we get this generation to put down their smartphones, and get them to care about our products, our mission and whatever it is that we may be trying to sell? The answer, after all these years of learning and just trying to figure it out, is much simpler than we all may think. According to Jordan, our content should be personal.

Sounds easy. But it’s not.

To get our content to resonate with today’s generation it needs to highlight our own value for it, our story, our inspiration and whatever it may be that makes us care for it. Only by realizing why exactly it’s important to us, can we start to think about why it may appeal to someone else. Content creation isn’t about simply selling the product in a tricky, “get-in-their head” kind of way. It’s about digging deep to realize its actual value and importance, and using that to appeal to all buyers.

Thanks for the great talk Jordan!

The Breakfast Club #006

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