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We don’t normally trumpet our clients around here, we let their work speak for itself. But when a venerable, respected magazine like Variety claims that one of our clients is the best at something, and that something is internet marketing, we figured we should at least point it out.

From Variety:

“No one has mastered the art of Internet marketing more than Michael Moore, who has ceaselessly alerted those on his lists to every media appearance for his healthcare call to action, Sicko. (He claims his emails reach some 5 million people.) The week before the movie opened, in a video posted on his YouTube page, Moore asked visitors to post their own health horror stories; he plans to send a DVD compilation to Congress. One man, Clayton Redfield from Flint, Michigan, Moore’s home town, responded
with a report about Cigna not paying $66,000 in medical costs. Suddenly, the insurer told him that he owed only a $500 co-pay. ‘Michael Moore, you saved my home,’ he told a local TV interviewer.

If you missed Moore on Larry King Live, the Huffington Post or blasting Wolf Blitzer live on CNN’s “The Situation Room,” you’ll find clips of Moore’s myriad TV appearances on YouTube posted by his own team under the member name “mmflint.” When Moore disparaged CNN’s coverage of “Sicko,” he told Blitzer: “I’m going to put the real facts up on my website. People can go to my website and find out the facts about (CNN medical correspondent) Sanjya Gupta.

Crazy like a Fox. The day after the Blitz, Moore’s web stats for July 10th, 2007 alone posted more than 800,000 page views, better than 320,000 visits and almost 300,000 absolute unique visitors. In the month from June 10 to July 10, when Moore was in the mainstream media in some form or another almost every day, registered almost 5 million page views, more than 1.5 million visits and better than 1 million absolute unique visitors.”

We don’t take credit for his marketing skills. We’ll just take a bit of the credit for giving him some of the tools that help him.

Read the Variety article.

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