Happy New Year, one and all!

Happy 2020! It’s a new year, and from all of us at Plank, we hope yours is a happy and healthy one. One of our goals this year is to share what we’re experts at. We hope our monthly digital offering — this is #1! — will spark ideas and inspiration.

We’ll be providing information and advice on everything from digital design to development tips to blog post inspiration to tech talk. We have a whole year ahead of us and hope each month we can bring you either something you can use, or a suggestion that resonates. We’ve decided to begin with what might seem strange coming from a digital design agency…

Remember to unplug! You’ll see the world more clearly.

In this world of social media, it’s easy to spend hours tumbling down that rabbit hole or lose an evening scouring sites or resources or reviews.

We love the Internet, so we understand. But as people who spend hours a day deep diving into our laptops or smartphones — like many of you, we’re sure — we know the value of putting our devices aside and remembering the value of human contact and connection. 

Unplug when you can, friends! The world around you needs your invaluable attention

Have a wonderful week!

The Plank Team