Image showing the look of Plank's new website

Well I really don’t even know where to start. Plank’s old site had been around for a while, and we had all grown pretty fond of it. It’s been cited by a number of people as a good, clean site that was great-looking and easy to navigate (like all Plank sites!). But boy, after almost 3 years, it was time for a refresh. Here you go.

So, welcome! This redesign has been in the works for ages, to be honest. I’ve been here for two years and we’ve been talking about it since I got here. But we’ve just been too busy to get anything done. Our clients always come first, so our own projects get pushed to the back burner. But enough was enough. We put in some nights and just said, let’s get it done. We gave ourselves a deadline, too. We said we will have a new site by the time we go to SXSW. A deadline is always a good idea – just take a look at what we managed to accomplish. Of course a deadline is a bad idea, too – just take a look at what we haven’t finished! (Sorry about that, btw). But the new site will be 100% done, and soon, we promise.

The whole team at Plank made an effort to get this done. Highest praise goes to GW, who designed just about everything. GW has really made his mark in his short time here, and we think this design really shows off his skills. Our back-end is of course powered by a Mateo-built CMS, and Mitch and Jennifer have put the whole thing together and fixed those nasty IE7 issues (grr…). Geoff is planning some kick-ass Flash effects for the site you’ll see soon, and Steve has guided the whole process with his usual problem-solving awesomeness.

I could go on about the new design, the architecture, the neat little features but I think it’s better you discover it for yourself. So take a poke around, don’t be shy, and use the comments to tell us what you think (be honest! we like criticism!). And welcome, or welcome back.