Though we can take no credit for Canada’s current economic situation, we’ve decided to turn it into proverbial lemonade and seize this opportunity to offer our southern neighbours a great deal on Plank’s expertise, experience and services. What economic situation, you ask? Well, due a series of unexpected events, our Loonie is now worth only 70¢ compared to your Greenback! So if you’ve been considering revamping your web presence and coming up with a strategic game plan
to up the ante for 2016; now’s the time.

So what’s in it for you?

Well, if you’ve been looking to work with an innovative, experienced and creative digital agency like Plank, we can now offer over 30% more value than just a couple of years ago. Working with Plank means working with a unique team boasting over a decade of experience in the web and mobile industry.  It means collaborating with a group of seasoned professionals who fully understand how deeply you care about your project, your team and your ideas. And it means leveraging the knowledge and skills of a digital agency that can turn those ideas into real, breathing and living online entities.

Haven’t heard of Plank before? Let us introduce ourselves.

Plank is a Montreal-based digital agency that specializes in creating beautiful, powerful and engaging websites and mobile applications for an impressive roster of clients – most of which are in the Arts & Entertainment industry. We take great pride in working on meaningful projects we genuinely care about and have already had the pleasure of collaborating with the likes of Rush, Evenko, The Sun, Rogers and more.

Now we want to work with you.

Beyond a great value, our team brings an incredible amount of experience, passion and know-how to every project we take on. So what do you say? Ready to work with a few of your talented northern neighbours? Shoot us an email or call us at 1-514-875-0003 x221, we’d love to know what you’re working on and have a chat about all things digital.

* Savings will vary based on the state of our volatile Loonie.

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