I recently had the opportunity to hassle … I mean get to know our new Plank team member Andrew Rose. Before joining Plank he spent almost ten years working in the music industry, most of it with local label Secret City Records. With always one foot in the digital world and another in the music industry, Andrew has always juggled both his passions and is ready to combine the two like never before. Here’s my first interview with our new DJing, yoga-loving Project Manager.

So, Andrew what’s your story?

Well I’m a Montreal native and my family’s been here for generations. I went to University in Nova Scotia, where I studied English/Philosophy at King’s College / Dalhousie. When I came back to Montreal after school I got caught up in the music scene here, which was really taking off at the time. I started DJing, and worked with Pop Montreal just after they started up. I actually managed a bunch of their website content, and started a podcast (back when that was a relatively new thing). I also had my own blog. I think that’s actually how I first met Warren [Plank Founder and President], through a mutual techie friend in those early Web 2.0 days. This pretty much all led me to working with a distribution company and then helping create Secret City Records. So it was a grand total of about 10 years in the music business.

So what happened?

I guess I just felt at some point like I had done everything in the music industry that I was going to do, and didn’t see much more of a future in it. I’m really proud of all the records we released while I was there, but I was ready for a new challenge.

I also always found myself getting sucked into the minutiae of our web projects (in a good way!), and being the go-to digital guy in the office, so the wheels started turning a bit. I spent the past summer in rural Nova Scotia to disconnect a bit, but when I noticed Plank was hiring I got in touch with Warren right away. I had always heard great things about the company, and I’m happy they decided to hire me.

What’s your favorite part of Project Management?

Well insofar as I have a handle on it, I like that it combines both left and right brain work. I like getting to be an external face of the company and working with clients, but also being able to get into nitty-gritty productivity stuff with an internal team. It keeps things fresh.

What are you looking forward to the most?

Honestly, working with the people and establishing fun, efficient relationships. The people you work with, whether it’s the clients or the team makes a HUGE difference in your fulfillment and happiness with any job.

If you could be anyone else who would you be?

Stephen Harper- so I could change all of his policies.

Who is your role model?

Leonard Cohen. For his music and his poetry, sure, but also just the way he interviews. Unlike some people who become increasingly neurotic as they age, he’s only gotten wiser as his voice has gotten deeper. Just watch an archive of his interviews from 1964 to now, you’ll understand what I mean.

Favorite Musician?

Can’t really answer that question. I’ll take this opportunity to plug The Barr Brothers just because their new album (out in October!) was the last one I got to work on before I left Secret City, and I think it’s one of the best things the label has ever released.

Random Fact?

The first time I practised yoga was in the Ashtanga Yoga Montreal studio just down the hall from Plank. I haven’t practiced there in a while because of a lot of moves (office and otherwise), so I’m pretty excited to have no excuse not to return.

Now that is really pretty random. Thanks, Andrew!

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