With summer slowly creeping its way into fall, Plank Appreciation Day (PAD), our annual tradition, has come and gone yet again. Every year at the end of August, Plank organizes a dinner and an event to get out of the office and take a bit of time to socialize and enjoy everyone’s company in a non-work environment.

I have to admit that I was never one for “organized fun” and when ex-employee Allen Mendelsohn conceived of PAD about 6 years ago, I hemmed and hawed about it. But I’ll admit, 30 minutes into the first PAD in 2006 and I was a convert. Organized fun can be fun with the right group of people!

This year we decided to repeat a PAD 2008 favourite and go to Jardin Nelson for dinner and drinks, but before that we headed to the extremely popular Star Wars Identities exhibit at the Montréal Science Centre. It was a lot of fun to see all the different Star Wars costumes and while the exhibit was well done, I think it wasn’t meant for the 20+ crowd, let alone the 40+ crowd! Fortunately, many of us are still rather young-at-heart…

As one of the tamest PAD’s ever, after a few drinks and a nice dinner everyone put their iPhones away, hopped on a metro, car or bixi and was home in time to watch the evening news.

Any suggestions for PAD 2013?

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