We’ve successfully migrated this blog to WordPress 3.0.

Why you ask? It doesn’t look much different. We had it running on our own custom written code and it worked very well — but as we look to the future, we wanted to move it to a platform that would remain consistent. We have some great plans for the Plank site and this move to WP will allow us to focus on the rest of the site without worry about this slice.

Some of the other numerous benefits:

  • Some of the world’s best SPAM control,
  • Plug-ins and a wonderful development community,
  • A simple to update framework for our future plans,
  • A publication system with varying levels of complexity/control to get everyone at the company involved in our online voice.

Over the past few years it has become a de-facto choice for many of our clients, and we find ourselves often working it into their solutions/structure and plans. Plug-ins such as WPML have made it much more viable in Québec/Canada where many of our clients have bilingual sites.

Summed up — we love WordPress.

Onward and upward with the help of great tools.