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<Next in our series of stories on the first concerts that our team members attended is our design powerhouse, Gary Brazier.

“I was 15 years old and in Grade 11, the perfect age to be corrupted by the crazy rock and roll lifestyle of Van Halen. With the optimal spot at the Forum – placed directly in the first row on the floor, right next to the speakers, I was taking it all in.

After a particularly wicked rendition of Eruption, Eddie Van Halen cracked open a can of Budweiser onstage, took a swig and then handed it to me. My friend, who at the time thought Van Halen was bigger than Jesus and the Beatles combined, stared at me awestruck. So we chugged the beer and I gave him the can. 30 years later, I think it still sits on his suburban bookshelf with the concert ticket taped around it.”

Gary has reserved comment on the latest Van Halen song.

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