With our friends at Fuzzy.ai

Hack Days are a perfect opportunity to learn new things, meet new people and just try something a little bit different. As we come to the end of 2016, it’s also a nice way to have a more relaxed workday while developing something new and innovative.

For Plank’s 4th Hack Day of 2016, we decided to invite 2 other teams to collaborate with us. With an interest in having our own team learn more about the hot topic of Artificial Intelligence, we invited our friends at Fuzzy.ai to work with us so that we could focus our technical attention on Machine Learning.

pablo boerr

Pablo Boerr sketches out some ideas

Rather than work on something conceptual or theoretical, we brainstormed out a series of possible project ideas for our client evenko.ca, Canada’s top entertainment promoter. By building some intelligence into evenko.ca we figured that we could offer their ticket buyers an enhanced and personalized experience.

Evan Prodromou and Sean Fraser hard at work

We started off the day with two ideas for recommendation engines using Fuzzy.ai’s API. The first, “1 weekend in Montreal – what should I see?”, and the second, “Your Facebook friends are seeing X”. After our two teams worked on these ideas in the morning, we all came together after lunch to merge both projects into The Recommender.

Debbie Rouleau and Jennifer Lamb making things look good

The Recommender is a customized monthly rendering of evenko’s shows that a user might be interested in attending based on their Facebook likes, their friends’ interests, and geo-location. While the basic technology was completed, the design wasn’t fully implemented. The whole team saw this project as a very useful potential feature for the evenko website but agreed that there is a lot more work to be done to get this in a clean, working fashion.

Roxy was the real star of the day

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