While I’m not as prolific a traveller as some people that I know, I have to admit that I am quite lucky to get to travel as much as I do. Plank has allowed me a lot of amazing opportunities to see a lot of our lovely North America (and even a few trips to Europe!). But, I never thought that I would be traveling to Oklahoma, Tulsa to be exact, for something Plank related.

“The band’s 40th anniversary show was a master class on rock ‘n roll.” -Tulsa World

To celebrate our collaboration with Happy Cog and the SRO-Anthem team on the redesign of Rush.com, I will be taking in the first show of Rush’s R40 Tour. So this Friday, May 8th I’ll be with my friend and colleague Greg Hoy, in our floor seats. I don’t think I’ve sat that close for a big rock show since I saw U2 in the 1980’s. It’s going to be awesome.

On top of taking in a AA Tulsa Drillers baseball game on Thursday, anything else that you suggest that I do to celebrate this occasion?

P.S. It’s been awhile since I last saw Rush live. A very, very, very long while.

P.P.S. The show was amazing.

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