Plank is proud to announce that we have joined the Association of Quebec Advertising Agencies (AQAA/AAPQ).

“The AQAA has a membership of more than 70 corporate members, which account for more than 85% of the advertising revenues generated by Quebec’s agencies. Staying on top of issues and trends facing the communication industry, the Association is committed to promoting, defending and representing the interests of its members, and providing today’s decision-makers and tomorrow’s professionals with tools with which they will meet the challenge of the evolving industry.”

It’s been a long time coming. As we enter our 15th year we feel we have a strong place in the ranks of our industry. The AQAA offers us accreditation, support, and opportunity to continue branching out, on behalf of our staff and our clients. They offer ongoing support and continued study and networking opportunities. They also provide our whole industry with best practices, a code of ethics, an RFP watch, consulting, wider promotion, news and updates. Most importantly, they are made up of a group of people who care.


We join with so many other excellent peers. This year above all others, we have a goal to connect within our city and our region.

You can find our agency profile here or at Follow the association on Twitter via AAPQ and montré

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