<Happier than a fourth year student with a 4.0 GPA, Plank is proud to have made the grade with our work on the redesign of the Student’s Society of McGill University’s website.

The SSMU is the voice for McGill students and provides an important voice for the university as activists and as representatives. A short list of it’s functions is that it leases and operates the University Center which is central location for student life on campus, funds and administers 15 student services, supports over 200 clubs and represents students in over 30 university committees.

Plank worked with SSMU’s pre-existing color scheme and logo to create a site that streamlines the vast amount of content offered up on the SSMU website and allows this information to take centre stage. With a modern grid approach to the pages and a well-defined navigation header, students are easily directed to the information they’re seeking. Bold, photo driven headers for the navigation as well as for blog posts and event listings help to pique the readers interest and help them to discover more about campus

Using WordPress both as a content management system and blogging platform, we were able to achieve the dual requirement of housing many documents needing frequent edits, as well as to provide their representatives with an area to publish stories and events to help keep the student population informed 24/7. The new SSMU website is more community-focused in allowing students to comment and share stories from the SSMU blog.

Plank integrated the site using responsive design, allowing the user to get a bit more of a dynamic viewing experience when the browser window is resized and also ensuring that the site would easily fit in all screen sizes from large monitors all the way down to smartphones.

SSMU Marketplace Screenshot

We also customized the sweet and highly robust Classipress theme from App Themes to create a Marketplace for McGill students to sell their textbooks online. With these kinds of improvements to their site, we’re certain that the SSMU are onto a good thing and have the perfect platform to expand into the future.

Check out the site and let us know what you think.

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