Introducing our team’s newest members

Plank is closing in on our 20th year in the industry.

Over the years, we have grown from a small team of 3 close friends just “finding our way” to an extended family of 20+ talented individuals.

We have seen a lot of people join our team, as well as a few move on to new and different challenges. I am proud to say that I feel people do learn something during their time with us that they take along with them to their next chapter.

The great thing about welcoming new faces to Plank is that it’s an opportunity to invigorate the team with new energy, new skills and new directions to move the company in.

Since 2015, these new team members have definitely had an impact on our culture. In addition to just being awesome, they have made Plank more reflective of Montreal’s linguistic demographic, created better gender parity in our rather male-centric industry, and allowed us to focus more deeply as a company on our marketing & events.

Now it’s time to say “Hello!”.

Jerome Devillers, Front-end Developer

Jerome hails from Belgium, where he studied computer graphics and developed his passion for programming. He stokes his creative fire with constant experimentation and learning. When he’s not coding, you can find him enjoying a live music show and/or a tasty micro-brewery beer.

Erin Whitney, Event Planner

Erin has been running festivals and events since the tender age of fifteen. She grew up on a frigid rock in the North Atlantic, surrounded by a warm and vibrant arts community that taught her how to make things happen. When she’s not running the show, she’s building crazy costumes for theatre, circus and film.

Debbie Rouleau, Front-end Developer

Debbie is a web expert with 15 years experience in front-end development and web design. She specializes in modern front-end techniques, responsive site optimization and performance. A self-confessed Geek, she co-founded the Montreal GeekFest and organizes a number of tech meetups in Montreal. She has spoken internationally (most recently at PAX East) on Geek culture and mental health issues in that community.

Stéphane Boileau, Front-end Developer

Stéphane dove into developing head-first two years ago, teaching himself the trade with books, online courses, informal projects and part-time work. Always up for a challenge, he was that kid with the nicest skateboard on the block that he could barely ride – even though he tried real hard. When he’s not in front of a computer, he can be found playing drums or hockey, or chilling with his favourite feline.

Lisa Pomkoski, Office Manager

Lisa has been keeping offices and their books in top shape for the past 18 years. She’s had the chance to work in a wide range of industries, and got her start working for iconic shoe company, Dr. Martens (she still misses the free shoes). Lisa loves to spend time with her family, unless they’re heading for the ski hill… she prefers the beach.

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