Before joining the team at Plank, all I knew of this company was what you’re all exposed to: Incredible designs, fancy programming footwork, and a stunning portfolio that includes numerous nifty clients.

Now being a part of it, I get to witness first-hand the great talent these people possess individually, as well as the lighthearted & thoroughly enjoyable work environment they maintain as a group.

In fact, so much fun stuff happens here that I created the latest edition to Plank’s online presence: the Plank Flickr group. Now you can all see what really goes on behind the scenes including the elastic band fights, the Friday afternoon cocktail hour, desk ornaments, and (of course) the stunning sun-soaked office.

I can’t understand why this hasn’t been created before, because it sure isn’t for lack of photographic talent. We have Allen’s portfolio with his muddy cameraphone lens, Stevey’s macro desk shots & infinite uploads, and Geoffrey’s sparse yet masterful photos.

With all this talent, silliness, and all-round fun, it didn’t seem fair to keep it all to ourselves. Enjoy!