If you didn’t already know, we’re a ‘Shopify Expert’! – one of 500 Design and Developer partners enlisted to support retailers build and manage their .com store. Since Shopify’s conception back in 2006 we’ve followed and admired the growth, development and sheer hard work demonstrated by this Ottawa based, leading ecommerce company.

Their results speak for themselves:

  • Over 100,000 active stores
  • Trading in more than 150 countries
  • 498 employees
  • $122m received in funding
  • 95,510, 670 products sold to date – no, sorry make that 95,510,720 – no, forget it, this number increases by the second!

Perhaps their success comes as no real surprise as Canadian and Global Ecommerce sales continue to grow at a staggering rate. eMarketer’s forecast, released in February 2014, predict worldwide business-to-consumer (B2C) ecommerce sales will increase by 20.1% this year to reach $1.500 trillion – read the full report here.

But at Shopify it feels like they’re doing something a little bit special. They have a simple, no nonsense approach to running their show. Double the number of active stores by 2015. Work with the best partners to develop stores, apps and themes. Don’t be greedy – take just a 20% revenue share from App sales when the industry standard is 30%. Let everyone benefit when an idea is good.

We like the Shopify approach, we share a similar ethic when it comes to business. We were thrilled when Tariq Zaid, the Head of the Montreal office, joined us as guest speaker at our #3 Breakfast Club session back in April. He shared first hand his experience of being a part of the Shopify team to a room of 25 people at legendary brunch venue The Lawrence. He gave us a sneak peak at some of the of exciting platform developments coming down the line this year and told of some impressive growth stories for both his brand and a selection of their best performing retailers.

To date we have developed two Shopify stores for our client WowWee – check out the case study here. Its fair to say we have not yet truly exploited the e-commerce revolution here at Plank, but thats all set to change, because…… drum roll……..we’ve been invited to become a Shopify Plus Partner.

We are now one of just 50 agency and developer partners who will create enhanced ecommerce solutions for emerging brands and high volume businesses. Shopify Plus is an extension of the existing robust infrastructure, used by over 100,000 retailers globally. Plus clients gain access to advanced, customizable features and an exceptional service from a dedicated Account Management team to help make their store a success.

We’re pretty excited to be a part of this program! Our aim is to bring over 15 years experience of creating exceptional digital experiences and apply this to the Shopify world – a place that is developing and advancing all the time.

Last week Plank Founder and President, Warren Wilansky, joined a selected group of agencies and developers for a two-day Shopify Plus workshop at the company’s new Toronto base. A very full and fulfilling schedule included a whole host of presentations from their team and guest speaking App Partners who shared insights, platform news and updates and anecdotes about Plus Partner life.

As always Warren came back bursting with ideas, notes and of course a baseball related story or two. He said,

“I’m really excited to be focussing a lot of our attention over the next year to become a leading Shopify Plus partner.”

So expect more ecommerce news to come in the future from us, these are exciting times ahead.