Today we had the absolute pleasure of welcoming Tina Roth Eisenberg to our studio. Long before I was involved with CreativeMornings, I was a fan of Tina’s studio and design blog (

Tina is now a powerhouse in the creative community worldwide, a super connector like no other. Tina is in Montreal to give the keynote speech tomorrow morning at MCN (MCN 2013 | 41st Annual Museum Computer Network Conference). In a happy coincidence, Warren is also attending (after finding about the conference via Tina’s Twitter feed).

Tina has a healthy, positive and inspiringly lighthearted view
on the phenomenon that is CreativeMornings. As the movement grows exponentially (to 60 cities over the past 5 years), with all the moving parts that entails, she hasn’t lost focus.

It was meant to be about people and the connections they form, and it
still is. It’s a wonderful endeavour, and something that I’m very proud to play a small part in. It’s also very nice to meet in person the people we get to know via the internet. A true global family.

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