“Multi-tasking is a misnomer,” I recall as I write this, and as I listen to a TED talk and unpack with a muted TV on in the background; I wonder how long it will take me to truly absorb all this input from my week in Austin.

Some inspiring sound-bytes that stick out in my mind from SouthBy:

“We evolved based on failure. Success breeds repetition; failure breeds change.”Tracey Halvorsen. Beautifully stated and inspiring—for the
suggestion that there’s great potential for learning in the challenges we face.

“The cure for depression is social security. […] It cost too much, staying human.”Bruce Sterling. True dat! Sterling’s closing panel was though-provoking and brilliant, as always—a wake-up call.

“Data is a lot more interesting than you are as a designer. Get out of the way and let it do its own thing.” Interactive Infographics was jaw-dropping.
The concept of Data Exhaust sometimes leaves me feeling uneasy, but this made data meaningful.

Jonathan Stark showed us how jQTouch and the free PhoneGap framework make it easy to build web apps for mobile, and had the crowd ooh-ing and ahh-ing. Super interesting for a web shop looking to extend client projects to mobile phones. (One more: http://www.testiphone.com/)

But I was most impressed by Steve’s navigation of SXSW. As Clive Thompson writes in Wired (apr2010), “People who are thrilled by personal technology are the ones who have optimized their process—they know how and when to rely on machine intelligence.” Steve seems uncannily able to put the best practices being talked about at SXSW into perspective, and practice. I’m still catching up with the ‘State of Now’, but after those 5 wild days, I’m closer to accepting that the time is Now.

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