After spending a day and a half at SXSW, I think I’m starting to understand what all the hype is about. The interactive portion of the conference really is the “Spring Break for Geeks.” The streets are full of people who live and breathe the world of technology, and the concentration of Apple products is staggering. Tomorrow I expect we’ll see a huge number of iPad 2’s which were officially released today. Apple sure knows how to choose their launch dates.

We are doing our best to take as many photos as possible and will be sure to post them up over the next few days. In the meantime I thought it might be nice to get a few initial images up for our friends back home to see.

Texas Sun

We flew from Montreal to New York, and then New York to Austin. We spent around 5-hours in the air and took advantage of our office iPad to help pass the time.

The Omni Austin Hotel

We’re staying at the Omni Austin for the duration of our trip. Definitely the classiest place I’ve ever stayed at. About the only thing we don’t like is the WIFI, which is only free in the lobby.


With Warren’s expert guidance, we ended up going out for some great burgers and beers to kick-off our first night in Austin. It felt great to be outside on a Patio in March.

Mmmmm...Breakfast Taco

Would a stay in Texas really be complete without a good old fashioned breakfast taco?

Just before Matt Mullenweg's Panel

One of the first Panels I saw was an interview with Matt Mullenweg – the creator of WordPress. He talked about all kinds of WordPress plans for the future, something that is really interesting given the fact that WordPress now powers between 10-15% of the internet. (Matt is not actually in this photo, I took it before the panel started). 

HTML tags painted on a truck

Just an example of random geek culture you see in the streets of Austin.

6th Street in Austin

6th Street is the main strip for us SXSW tourists. It’s full of great bars, loud music, and plenty of geeks. There’ll be plenty more pictures being posted over the next few days, but if you’re looking for up to the minute information checkout our twitter accounts (Emerson and Amelia).

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