<It’s that time of year once again. The BEST time of year – SXSW Interactive!

As we do every year, Plank is sending a big delegation to learn all about the latest in interactive, to network, to meet their peers, and let’s face it, to party! Plankers have a great time every year and we expect this year will be no different. Our delegation of four this year are SXSW veterans Steve, Jennifer, and Mitch, and the noob is Patrick. When asked how he felt about going, Patrick said “looking forward to my first conference. I’m glad it happens to be SXSW. BBQ, beer, and tech, couldn’t be happier.”

And Mitch is going to be a star this year. He’s hosting a “workshop,” which is a new type of event this year at SXSW. The workshop brings together a bunch of web professionals for three panels in a row centered around getting some practical work done on the web. The three panels are Web of Things – Connecting People and Objects on the Web, JavaScript Architecture: The Front and the Back of It, and Anything But Typical: Learning to Love JavaScript Prototypes. If you’re into JavaScript and you’re down in Austin, check it out starting at Sunday at 9:30 AM in Ballroom E.

So have a great time and learn a lot of stuff guys. We’ll hold the fort ’til you get back.

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