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Plank has been writing proposals and responding to RFP’s (Request for Proposals) for 20 years and though we’ve known it subconsciously for years, we are finally ready to throw in the towel and declare that the RFP process is broken.

In fact, we’ve concluded that the RFP process is likely the worst way for an organization to select a partner for their digital project.

We are not alone.

A recent TED talk by Cal Harrison compares RFP’s to tonsil removal; an outdated process that wastes millions of dollars.

John Warrilow recently published an article in inc.5000 discouraging companies from responding to RFP’s altogether, saying that filling RFP’s takes all the creativity out of the process. He asks “Do you want to compete on price? If so, don’t expect to sell your business.”

The No RFP movement declares that “An industry that thrives on innovation surely can work on a better process — a process that focuses on building fruitful client-vendor relationships.

We’d like to pick up from that last statement. We believe companies should stop asking for RFP’s and consider a different approach: how about we talk to each other?

Get Inspiration and Innovation by investing in a “Plank Hack Day”

Before we write up a long, templated document without really knowing what you want to do yet, we propose you shave off a small part of your project budget and invest in a “Hack Day with Plank.” We believe this will not only help you better define your digital project, but also more fully understand what will be involved.

A Hack Day consists of a full work day where your people (experts in your business) and our people (a creative digital agency) put our heads together and come up with innovative ideas that will not only solve your problems, but also make your brand come alive. We’ll discuss possible digital solutions, work on actual problems and actively collaborate.

Together, in dialog, brainstorming, innovating and sharing ideas, we will find new solutions and get to know each other. From our past experience, we’ve learned that this process not only results in resolving issues but is also a great way of finding new exciting solutions. What will you get when you invest in a Plank “Hack Day”?

What will you get when you invest in a Plank “Hack Day”?

Inspiration – this is your chance to think about your project intensely, and be inspired. Take advantage of the expertise help of a web development team that’s been doing this for 20 years. You’ll get access to a 5-member digital team, all with extensive expertise in their domain; a Plank company principal, a Project Manager, a Designer, a Front-End Developer and a Back-End Developer.

Solutions – a concrete understanding of how some of your top marketing pains can be resolved digitally.

Breakfast and Lunch – 5 of you, 5 of us will eat together, get to know one another, continue the discussion.

Personality check – you’ll have an inside view of our company culture and you’ll see how we work. It will become clear if we work well together. Worst case, you take a bucket full of ideas back to the office.

Hack Days are much cheaper, more efficient, and get better results than the resources and time you will spend on an RFP.

We propose you forget the RFP! Book a Hack Day! We’ll charge you, but it’ll be reasonable, and you’ll walk out feeling smarter and more confident about your project.

Even if you still want several companies to put a price on your final project proposal, you’ll be able to do that with a fair idea of what’s possible, what it costs, and how long it will all take.

Contact Warren Wilansky directly for more information, pricing and to book a date for your Hack Day with Plank.

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