Culture Days is gearing up for their 6th annual celebration and we are happy to say Plank has been supporting them every step of the way.

Culture Days is a pan-Canadian volunteer movement that strives to bring Canadians one step closer to their communities through a shared love of the arts. Every September they organize 3 days of jam packed festivities, with crafts, performances, tours, markets and much, much more.

Having worked with the Culture Days team since 2009 we have seen the program evolve and are happy to say we’ve had a hand in making it bigger and better each year. To put this into numbers, Culture Days has grown by a staggering 60% since the inaugural event in 2010.

Our ongoing work with the non-profit organization has seen an initial technical relationship develop into a more holistic digital marketing partnership and it’s one we’re very proud of.

To ensure the program continues to grow year after year we are constantly looking for ways to enhance and optimize the digital platform. At the end of each Culture Days weekend we begin a process of evaluation and analysis with the central and provincial client teams. Here we see what could be improved or introduced to better serve the 1000’s of event organizers and their supporters for the following year.

Here are some of the key updates to look out for in 2015 to make this year’s event better still.

Search Enhancement

We want to make it even easier for people to find the information they are looking for, no matter their level of technical knowledge. We will be splitting the search bar into two, so users can search the site as a whole, as well as specifically for activities, that will be filtered with the use of a geolocation button. Now users can find the information they want quickly, and tailored to their specific location.

Improving Mini-site Functionality

Culture Days’ provincial sites now have the same content management flexibility as the national site. We have standardized the CMS layout of the national site so each provincial site can now add their own updates, social media handles and speak to their own stakeholders in the same organized and easy-to-use fashion.

Social Media Integration

We want to showcase the Canadian collective social community that is living and breathing alongside Culture Days, through an integrated social media feed directly on the national and provincial sites.

Community Engagement & Infrastructure

We’re creating even more ways to engage and guide traffic to the Culture Days site by allowing third parties to embed a Culture Days iframe that will allow users to search and be redirected to the Culture Days’ site while visiting a third party.

Content Reorganization & Navigation

Since a key goal for the Culture Days team in 2015 is to support local and community level engagement we want to make it even easier for stakeholders to showcase their activities. Resources will be made searchable by tags to allow users an easier time finding marketing content, registration forms and PR material that they need.

So save the date – Culture Days is quickly approaching this upcoming September 25, 26, 27. Be sure to check out the activities or register your own.