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CSS sucks!

Just kidding. That’s the title of a song by Brazilian rock band, “Cansei de Ser Sexy”, which used to come to mind whenever I heard someone say “CSS”. But all that changed when I joined Plank as a digital project manager two years ago and dove head first into the world of web and design.

What changed at Plank

Lucky for me, I joined a fab team of talented and experienced coworkers who are passionate about everything digital. Every day, I have the privilege of learning from my colleagues (some of them women!) while working on interesting projects alongside great clients. Plank’s spirit of growth, learning and collaboration have given me the opportunity to learn the principles and basic theories of the web. In fact, I’ve grown to like it so much that I’ve started learning to code – it will make me a better DPM and it’s actually really fun (CSS doesn’t suck)!

We now see more women in tech and digital than ever before and those women are empowering others to forge their own path and join the community.

A female-friendly foray

Have you heard of Ladies Learning Code? They’re a not-for-profit organization on a mission to be the leading resource for women and youth looking to become passionate builders of technology. I recently attended their HTML & CSS for Beginners workshop, where I got to learn all about coding and building my own website. The best part? Getting to learn in a collaborative, safe and fun space alongside other women who were all as excited as I was to be taught by fellow female developers. The workshop was given by Nancy Naluz, front-end developer and LLC Montreal chapter lead. We also had plenty of support from the many other (mostly female) mentors.

Ladies Learning Code Workshop

I won’t lie: at first, it was kind of daunting. But once I got a chance to exchange stories with all of the women – many of whom are self-taught or fell into development accidentally – I realized I was no different. I could learn too. I could be one of the women who learn to code and share my story with others who also find it intimidating. That was actually the most impactful part of the workshop for me: meeting female developers who are driven by their desire to inspire and empower other women to conquer their fear of coding. They want other women to feel safe, supported and judgment-free and excel in the world of digital.

Tech as it stands today may be a man’s world, but it doesn’t need to be.

A tool for empowerment

As women, we’re often our own toughest critics. The LLC workshop was an eye-opening experience for me about the power of community. We can and must prop each other up at every opportunity and be the support network for other women in a male-dominated world and working environment. The good news? It’s starting to change. We now see more women in tech and digital than ever before and those women are empowering others to forge their own path and join the community. Both internationally and locally, there are tons of meetups for women in technology and “girl geeks” – so what are you waiting for?

That one workshop was enough to convince me to continue exploring coding in a collaborative setting with my female peers. I really hope that other women do the same.

Have you been to a Ladies Learning Code or similar workshop before? Want to share your experience with us? Or interested in meeting up with me or one of our awesome female employees? Send us a note here.

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