The iPad HD

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Many of us own iPads. We use them at home, we use them at work, and they’ve found a lovely and comfortable tech spot in our lives — that only Apple could deliver. The thought of the clarity of the iPhone 4 screen on the iPad form factor makes us dizzy.We’ll have to wait and see in a week. Credit cards are being warmed up. At least one for the office?

Muppets vs. Field of Dreams

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We have a couple of baseball fans in the office. In fact, many in-season trips to Toronto include a Jays game with a couple of beers and some hot dogs. We also all grew up loving The Muppets. Now just imagine the summer lights of a game beating down on Kermit out by the corn field. We pinged @hensoncompanyin the tweet but haven’t heard back yet.

The iPad in 5 years

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iPad’s are everywhere this week! This concept video struck us as especially imaginative. Love the concept of “side magnets” to join 2 iPads together. The gaming demo got a couple of audible “ohhhs and ahhhs” around the studio. Maybe not next week but,
who knows, in 5 years…

Proud of our work with Head & Hands

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Last year’s Pro Bono project — a new website and digital platform for Head & Hands — launched a couple weeks ago. They went from an archaic mesh of code to a modern, streamlined WordPress install — and plenty of supporting usage guidelines, workflows, templates, and tools we helped prepare for them.

They’re picking up steam and working with it daily now. Our hard work and teamwork paid off and they’re loving it. This tweet was in response to Head & Hands gushing over the new site. Can’t express how happy this makes us all. Go H&H!!

Facebook and Brand Timelines

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One of the biggest stories of the week was Facebook’s announcement that Brand pages now have access to the new Timeline layout. All Pages will move over to this UI in 30 days — but FB is offering a preview to allow companies and groups to get their ducks in a row and pages cleaned up. We could feel the digital scramble throughout the industry as companies raced to figure out the best new practices and how best to implement the new guidelines (wider app tabs, fewer apps showing by default, single pinned timeline element, etc.).

One of the best to showcase how it would use this new tech was the New York Times. Famous for having online archives of the paper back to the 1850s — they began filling in their timeline with some of this content. Take a peek here:

Meet the Plank team

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Lastly, we’ve been showing off and slowly telling the world about the new Plank site (PS — notice it’s also in French?). The new team roster element has great side-scrolling and responsive code (tablet and desktop breakpoints). It works great on the iPad, a natural swipe left/right action seems right on the money. Still some tweaks to this page overall (and the whole site) but we really think this represents us and tells the story of Plank today. Everyone thought it was essential to be playful — offering some stats to introduce you to some of our best traits really does that.

Even Cliffy got a team bio pane (how could he not?). Moustaches retired? Who knows — they might return one day (next Movember?).

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