Culture Days opens up shop for 2012

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We’re happy to be working with the national Culture Days team again for 2012. The early registration in March commences a 1/2 year run up to the events on Sept 28th, 29th and 30th coast to coast. You can imagine a lot of careful planning goes into this and the team pulled it off in spectacular fashion again this year. Maybe @plank should host an event?

Beyond the Pixels in Nfld

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Interesting one day conference in St John’s, Nfld. Seems like An Event Apart repackaged to bring some key voices and skills to smaller venues and interesting places that might not get the draw the larger conferences do.

We’re hoping our alumni @ncbeets attends. We won’t be able to go but funny enough @warrenwilansky is planning another trip out there shortly. A trip is on my bucket list also — dreaming of going and catching a few cold gray waves and taking in some culture and scenery. Great to see stuff like this in Canada.

The case against Google

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With one of the weeks more interesting #longreads, @Mat Honan crazy glues himself to our must-read tech journalists list. The bottom line of the story is “People don’t trust Google with their data. And that’s new.”.

We all use Google countless times every day for ourselves professionally, personally and on behalf of numerous clients. It’s easy to forget that Google is not a public service but a for-profit company — and the adage of “if you’re not paying for something, you’re not the customer; you’re the product being sold.” seems to pop into my head more and more. Well worth reading or saving for later.

It’s @plank now

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I harassed Stephan Nagel. Not really but it felt that way. He’s the one who so nicely passed on @plank to us. He had registered it a long time ago, tested out twitter, logged out, then came back much later and registered a new name. I never found out why he chose “plank” — but have to assume it was either a word which meant something more in Dutch or a football thing. The change was worth 6 characters and in the land of 140: that’s a big deal.

Raining RAM

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8 GB of RAM is only 45$ now. How could we not seriously bump up a number of the Mac’s in the office to 8, 12 or 16. The difference in a 2010 Mac Book Pro from 4 to 8 GB is immediate and it took 10 minutes to instal. The Crucial Memory website makes it easy and we had no trouble tracking down exactly there right product for each machine. We got 56 GB for under 350$ shipped and only one of the 2 shipments got hit with duty (using FedEx). Highly recommended.

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