Can they catch the iPad

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Here’s an interesting read on how Apple has created and cornered the market on the 1st generation of “Post PC Devices”. Steve Jobs himself said in 2007 that the original iPhone was five years ahead of its time. With the later launch of the iPad, Apple had perfected how to produce this product and gained an even more solid advantage over the competition — it cannot be denied, this product line delivers. The articles summary (last three paragraphs) was surely an “aha moment” for the rest of the industry.

Retina display and your images

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Lots of discussion this week about how the new iPad’s higher resolution display will render current lower definition images. We’re all wondering how it will work with responsive techniques and code that measures display resolution. Our iPad just arrived (!!!!) so we’ll be testing it out, advising our clients of our findings, and sharing our thoughts — more to come soon! This tweet is a good overview of how Apple itself is handling the changes.

New wave of branded Timeline apps

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Timeline day is about two weeks away. This is the day when Pages move to Timelines for all brands. With that move comes the primary shift from Facebook “paned/tabbed” apps — which still work but play a lesser role — to ones that live within a Timeline. These new Timeline apps focus on verbs (example: Sarah rode her Bixi 8km this week). The next question on everyone’s lips is, “What’s your verb?”

Le bonheur est dans le PIXEL

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We couldn’t be more pleased to announce that more and more of the Plank site is now available in French. It makes us proud as we love being immersed in this unique bilingual city in the beautiful province of
Québec. The latest piece to fall into place was the new Plank homepage — now available on the /fr/ side. Check back soon for there’s more on the way.

Culture Days Early Registration

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As Culture Days begins to ramp up its 2012 campaign, a key milestone arrives next week with the beginning of early event registration. This gives organizers a huge head start in documenting and promoting their
event(s) for next September 28th, 29th and 30th. 2011 was a phenomenal year for the Program and we expect 2012 to be even better. Plank is proud to be there every step of the way.

The New iPad as a Super Hero

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Friday post-lunch goofiness gave birth to a new superhero, forged from the leftover packaging on the shiny new iPad that’s now sitting on @warrenwilansky‘s desk. (He’s apparently taken a lesson or two
from his little 2yo girl.)

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