A surprise appreciation party

Last night, all of Plank and some close Plank friends showed up to Else’s to celebrate Warren and all he’s done. Else’s is Warren’s home away from home away from Plank so it was the perfect location. It was a surprise, and he totally was:

The evening was just perfect. A fun, relaxing atmosphere that mirrored the fun, relaxing atmosphere Warren has created at Plank. Allen made a speech which is reprinted below. It pretty much sums up why we were there.

The Plank family did what it does best – talk and drink

As you may or may not know, Warren lives and dies by one thing (well, besides Plank) – burgers. So kudos to Sarah who baked the most amazing cupcakes ever:

More photos at Steve’s Flickr set, and an outstanding burger cupcake close-up from Nancy

Text of the speech given by Allen (excuse the in-jokes, and it loses something being written…):

“Good evening everyone. I’m ALLEN MENDELSOHN

Normally, I wouldn’t so embrace a moniker that is clearly making fun of me. Normally I would never tolerate being emotionally abused by my boss. But I think it speaks to the qualities of our BOSS, yes, BOSS, that I put up with that kind of shit. Not only put up with it, but embrace it.

And that speaks to what kind of boss he is. For all of the abuse I take, for all the inappropriate humour that comes out of his mouth, we all put up with it. Why? Because he is the greatest boss ever. I have had many bosses in my life, and there is no question about two facts – he has the most unique management style I have ever seen, and everyone and their mother wants to work for Plank.

Now, because this evening is all about ALLEN MENDELSOHN, I want to point out something else. All you have to do is look at my C.V. to see that I never stay in a job more than 2 years. Never. In a couple of months, I’ll celebrate my 4 year anniversary at Plank. That says a lot about Plank, but that says even more about Warren. He is the ultimate boss to work for, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I hope this speech, and this whole evening, has embarrassed the hell out of him. So join me in a toast. To Warren – the best non-boss boss the world has ever seen!”

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