Screenshot from the Plank website in 2003

So the other day in the office we were having some fun with Google’s 2001 search engine*. It’s pretty cool – the index actually dates to January 2001. Try Googling “Sarah Palin”. That gave us a good laugh.

ANYWAY, while we we were cruising through the past, we couldn’t help ourselves and checked the Plank website from 2003 (WARNING: do not view in IE7. Yeesh). It’s really not too bad! Sure, it’s only one page. Sure, the background looks like a 1970’s rec room wall. But I think it’s pretty cool. And what I really like about it is how some things haven’t changed – Michael Moore, Fantasia, and SXSW areall prominently featured, just as they are today.

This little trip through time also reminds me that this December, Plank will be celebrating 10 years in the business. Wow. That’s an eternity in web years. We’ll hit the Wayback Machine a few more times between now and then, so be sure to check back to see what we dig up.

*2018 update: Google’s 2001 search engine is not longer active. The link has been replaced with an article from that describes the function.

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