The Webby Awards

As you may know, Plank has been working hard as the Webby Ambassador for Canada, with a mission was to increase the profile of the Webbys in Canada. There have been all sorts of things going on I’ve been meaning to tell you about, so here you go!

First off, in part thanks to Plank, but as much (if not more) thanks to the tireless efforts of Emily Warren at the Webby Awards and the whole Webbys team, the number of Canadian entries increased 15% over last year. This was part of an overall dramatic increase of international entries, so the new Ambassador program worked!

Today, the nominees for the Webby Awards have been announced. With over 8000 entries, it was tough to narrow it down I’m sure, but they have found some amazing sites out there. Choosing the winners will be tough! You can have your say in the process by voting for the Webby People’s Voice Awards, maybe the most important awards as they recognize what you and I think are the best.

Plank was so proud of our work on Citizen Voices, we entered that site for Best Government website. While we didn’t make the five finalists, we are proud the site was recognized as an Official Honoree, a title reserved for those entries that demonstrated only the highest standard of excellence. Well done everyone!

Finally, a quick note about the Webby’s own site. You may have noticed if you clicked the above links that the Webby Awards have redesigned their own website. Kudos to the gang at the Webbys and their design partners The Barbarian Group – looks you guys all did a really nice job. Nice and clean and easy to find stuff. The way a site should be.

See you at the Webby Awards June 4th and 5th in NYC!

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