On behalf of myself, Steve and the whole team, I’m proud to say that Tarah Schwartz, an award-winning journalist who was the weekend news anchor at CTV Montreal for over 18 years, has joined our team as the Director of Communications, Media and Marketing.

While I’d met Tarah socially a few times, I never had the opportunity to talk with her on a professional level. When we saw that she was leaving CTV in this Montreal Gazette article, Steve and I discussed the idea of approaching her to join our team. As we were enjoying our 20th-anniversary celebrations at the end of 2018, we were also taking a hard look at where Plank stood. We agreed that we had achieved a level of stability in most areas of the company and we were proud of that. We felt that we had something special that we wanted to share with more teammates, clients and partners. We decided that we were ready to grow our company in ways that we weren’t previously ready to try.

So I sent Tarah an email and offered little context on why I wanted to talk to her:

“I’d love to have the chance to talk to you about your next steps. I have some ideas that may or may not be interesting.”

My pitch wasn’t all that specific and wasn’t sure what she was going to do next. I wanted her to hear what Plank is all about, what our values were and what we were trying to do. I wanted her to hear where we were headed and see if she saw herself as a part of those plans.

We talked, and then we talked again. And we talked some more.

As the weeks rolled on it became clear to both of us that the opportunity of working together was an exciting one. We created a vision of working together that would be to the benefit of everyone involved. We were able to pull together a plan for her joining the team which would lead to that magical calculation of 1+1=3.

Plank has been a humble company, driven by the desire to do quality work and serve our clients well. We built our culture on the principle that doing great work will lead to greater work, and that historically was enough. What we realized recently is that it isn’t enough and that we need to be proactive about communicating who we are and what we do.

There is no one better than I could think of to do that then Tarah.

Her almost 20 years of experience in the media and our 20 years of experience in digital are a perfect match, at a perfect time. She is going to be able to tell the story of Plank in ways that we can’t. As she observes us and studies what makes us tick, I know she will be able to tell our stories and our client’s stories in new and unique ways.

On a personal note, I couldn’t be more excited to have this exuberant and poised individual sitting five feet away from me for the foreseeable future. She has already shown herself to be thoughtful, strategic and wise. She’s the exact addition to our leadership team that we need right now, someone who complements us, and fill out the areas that need filling.

So please take the time if you can to send her your best wishes and congratulate her in this new phase of her career. Expect to also hear from Plank in new and unexpected ways, as you would expect from Tarah Schwartz.

Warren Wilansky
President and Founder, Plank

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