Plank has been proud of ever since it was launched last December. A really cool site that was beautifully designed and laid out, it also superbly reflected the company and the brand. But now, there is just so much more.

Yesterday, Plank launched the next phase for the WowWee site, an integrated eCommerce system. Site users can get all the information they need about a WowWee product, then simply click a button to buy it.

That’s the beauty of the eCommerce system we built for WowWee – its simplicity. The goal was to minimize the number of clicks a user needed to buy something, while presenting an interface that was clear and easy to use. Well, that goal has been exceeded. Users have told us that the interface is one of the smoothest shopping experiences they’ve ever seen.

What’s also incredible is the look and feel of the eCommerce. The buttons, styles, text, images, and everything else are beautifully integrated to look like the rest of the site. Unlike many eCommerce solutions where you know something “doesn’t look quite right”, with the WowWee site everything fits right in.

So go check out the robots for sale!

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