Importing a Large Content Archive

With a large collection of employee photos and ledgers spanning more than 200 years, we helped BMO import over 12,000 images including its metadata in both French and English. We then created a search functionality for users to easily sift through content to discover past family members and how they contributed to BMO’s rich history.

Using React.js components we built modals that allow users to easily explore the collections without being rerouted to another page. While simplifying the user journey, it also makes content more digestible. Each collection item modal has its own individual URL. This will allow BMO to highlight and share individual items more easily, bringing their content to a wider audience.

Building a Flexible WordPress CMS

To empower site administrators to achieve their desired layout we built the site using custom ACF blocks. Our goal was to create a website that BMO can update and add collections to independently. With a customized CMS, their team can upload beautiful pages without being overwhelmed by their vast content. 

Using blocks to break down content, admins can combine and display information in a variety of ways. It also allows them to see how their page will look before publishing, making content entry straightforward and unambiguous.

Prioritizing Website Security

For BMO, privacy is a big priority and we ensured their website would be protected against common vulnerabilities. We also made sure their intellectual property had an added layer of protection by removing the possibility of saving images.

About the Client

BMO Corporate Archives is a division of the BMO Financial Group that is dedicated to documenting the evolution of the bank and its impact on North America’s financial industry. Their mandate is to collect, preserve and promote the heritage of its institution. Their team is made up of professionally-trained archivists that ensure the collections are accessible and properly preserved across all platforms.