Website redesign

Plank worked with Centaur Theatre on a complete redesign of its website. The theatre needed and wanted a sophisticated, up to the moment presence online, to be able to reach multiple audiences. Plank worked with Centaur on its digital branding; providing a new, cleaner online presence that would allow the theatre to showcase its myriad stories in a compelling fashion.

Mobile visuals of different shows presented at Centaur Theatre

Plank’s redesign made the Centaur site more pleasing visually, gave it space to breathe. Prominent links were made for purchasing tickets, ordering a subscription and making a donation. Full cast profiles were also added, as well as a news section where the theatre can share articles, information about past and present shows, conversations and exhibits.

Plank has been a great creative partner for Centaur Theatre as we transition toward a more comprehensive digital presence in the world.

Eda Holmes, Artistique and Executive Director

Creative solutions

Our primary focus in Centaur’s website redesign was to improve the overall user experience, interface and technological infrastructure. The site also needed to be responsive on multiple platforms and devices. Users needed to be able to perform basic functions clearly and easily as well as browse its storytelling platform seamlessly.

Desktop visual of the Subscribe, Tickets and Calendar pages

The site needed to give multiple members of the Centaur team easy access to making changes and modifications as new plays were announced and relevant information updated. A fully bilingual site was also implemented. Calendar functionality was added to be able to see events at a glance on the theatre’s home page, as well as what’s to come.

In essence, Centaur needed a better way to communicate its passions and expertise on all digital platforms, as well as showcasing what it does best, theatre!

Mobile visuals of a blog article on Centaur

In the limelight

Centaur Theatre deeply wants to connect with new audiences, keeping the magic of theatre alive for new and returning customers. Creating a compelling new look and a strong platform now allows for all of the stories of the Centaur to be told with precision and heart. From the decades behind them to all the plays to come, Centaur Theatre now has an online stage that lives up to the one within its walls.

Desktop visual of an individual show page