1.5 Million Spectators and Counting

For nearly 10 years and running, Plank has been helping evenko promote shows online and getting fans their tickets faster whether they want to bask in the star-power of Celine Dion, cheer from the front row at a World Cup Hockey game, or spend a weekend at the Osheaga festival. With over a thousand events to organize and promote online, Plank’s team took on the job of giving the evenko website a complete overhaul in 2016, to give spectators a more seamless experience with better navigation, geo-location of shows and much more optimal mobile browsing. The site offers evenko better marketing opportunities with customizable content templates for individual shows, better SEO so users can find the shows they’re looking for, and individual user accounts with useful features like the ability to transfer tickets to other users, or subscribe to a newsletter for pre-sale ticket info.

Mobile visuals for various pages of the evenko website

Get Tickets Online Faster

Plank’s primary goal was to get tickets to fans faster. The key to achieving this was by giving ticket buyers a better browsing experience with personalized options. These included giving visitors an easy way to express their entertainment preferences and opt for seeing shows near their home location. In addition, we optimized the user experience by reducing the path to the “buy” button. We also made the site ultra-responsive on mobile, integrating everything seamlessly with the Outbox checkout and payment system.

Obscure Shows Get a Spotlight

Over the last decade, Plank has developed a profound understanding of evenko’s operations, goals, and bottom line. With a solid grasp of evenko’s marketing challenges and extensive experience in online entertainment marketing, Plank set out to make it easier for evenko to promote each show uniquely. By using custom-built advanced content management system features, evenko staff can now better control how content is displayed for individual shows.

By making incremental improvements to the site on a continual basis with Plank, evenko gives ticket buyers the opportunity take advantage as new technologies are integrated “as available.” As a result, evenko benefits from a better customer experience and increased customer satisfaction, which results in quicker click-to-buy and, ultimately, a greater volume of sales.

Desktop visuals of the music category index page, the festivals page and a single show page